Fuelled by an aspiration to celebrate treasured moments and rekindle pleasant recollections, Modesta's distinctive approach in creating timeless fragrances captures the mystical composition of notes by interpreting familiar scents from the founder's personal journey. 

Adding depth and complexity to the blend, each scent is further refined to invoke opulent and evocative fragrances that would elevate your senses, proffer pampering relaxation, and encapsulate enduring memories.


Founded in 2021, Modesta started its journey. From countless scent tests on custom-blended composition to long hours spent on designing its distinct vessels and meticulous packaging. One year later, Modesta launched a personal collection of exquisite hand-poured candles, encased in divine custom vessels, which have been thoughtfully designed and crafted as versatile decor object of exceptional quality.  

This debut collection epitomizes the brand’s vision and value of enduring focus on highly skilled-artisans’ craftsmanship, creating decor objects of modern glamour with time-honoured sophistication, and a final nod to the founder’s background that is rich in cultural diversity and history.