Having left her home country at a young age and resided in various landscapes around the globe, Indonesian-born Canadian Maudy Modesta feels the urging need to maintain a strong connection with everything she cherished while growing up in Indonesia and throughout her adulthood journey. Simple things yet memorable, and beautiful memories from the past have become important for her to capture and be able to reminisce them vividly to conjure up warm sentiment and a sense of connection.

“...The allure of fragrance as olfactory tales is fascinating and elusive. It diffuses captivating scents that could stir memories..." - Maudy Modesta 


After settling down in Canada and calling it home, Maudy started a new chapter in her live including raising her daughter as a single mother and acquiring both, a Bachelor degree and a CPA designation at the same time, while working full time. Through years of hard working and maintaining life work balance, Maudy learned valuable lessons in life about perseverance, work ethic, and discipline in order to achieve goals.

Scent has been known for its spellbinding attributes that can evoke rich memories from the past and promote pleasant moods. Intrigued by the mystery of scents, combined with a long life passion in design, Maudy developed a line of fine home fragrance that exhibits her discerning sense of creativity, influenced by her personal style that is timeless-sophisticated, unexpected, yet glamorous with a modern edge.