Frequently Asked Questions

Quality and commitment

Our essences are created using essential oils and fragrances imported from around the world, extracted from flowers, barks, leaves and fruits, then carefully blended for the best artisan scents.

Our wax is made from 100% vegan - soy and coconut blend wax, farmed without pesticides, GMO-free, paraben-free, and zero additives. Of all the sources of wax, soy is one of the most plentiful, renewable, vegan friendly and burns cooler producing minimal soot.

Our wicks are made from lead-free and bleach-free cotton, braided with high-performance fibres for durability

Modesta is a 100% cruelty-free brand, and as such, does not conduct animal testing of any kind.

Yes, MODESTA continuously looks for ways to ensure a more sustainable future. The following practices have been in place since MODESTA’s initial launch:

Our paper packaging is recyclable. Our wax is made from 100% vegan - soy blend wax. Of all the sources of wax, soy is one of the most plentiful, renewable, vegan friendly, non-GMO material that does not produce toxic fumes and burns cooler producing minimal soot. All our candles contain no parabens, zero petroleum products and phthalate-free. They are clean burning and made without any artificial dyes. Our candle vessels have been especially made for a lifetime enjoyment. They are designed as highly functional and beautiful decor objects at the same time, with or without the candle. From elegant condiment  containers at your next luncheon gathering to a luxurious collection of stationery holders that elevate your office space. The exceptional design and quality of each vessel lend themselves to be a conversation piece.

Purchasing MODESTA collections

Our products can be purchased either onlne directly from this website, or in-store at the authorized retailers, boutiques, and specialty stores listed under Stores. Most of the retail locations also offer online purchasing method for your convenience.

If you are located outside Canada, you can purchase all our collections online directly from our website. If your country of location or choice of currency is not displayed as an option, feel free to email us directly at and we will be happy to assist you with your order.

We are also actively working on expanding our product availabilities at stores outside Canada. Please check our retail locations under Stores menu regularly to see future expansion. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive exciting news on new product launch, discounts or promotions, and special events.

Yes, we do! Whether it's elevating your cocktail soirée at home, infusing beautiful scent to your entire wedding venue, or creating elegant corporate gifts (not-your-typical-corporate gifts), we are always excited to be part of an exquisite design solution.

Additionally, we offer an attractive discount for large quantity orders. Simply Contact Us to schedule a time to start discussing your exciting project. Feel free to add additional information about your project.

Product Care

When you first light your candle, allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the container before extinguishing. Allowing a full pool of melted wax helps create an even burn to maximize the scent throw and prevent tunnelling.

Do not burn for less than 1 hour or more than 4 hours at a time for a full-size candle (13 oz), and no more than 2-3 hours at a time for a mini-size candle (1 oz) to maximize the longevity of the candle. If candle is left burning for longer periods without being allowed to re-solidify, the excessive heat will cause the essential oils to burn through the soy wax at a faster rate.

Our cotton wicks are lead-free, unbleached, and braided with high-performance fibres for durability. To provide the cleanest burn possible, trim the wick to 0.25 inch before each lighting. If the wick is too long, it may produce unwanted smoke and soot build-up. However, if the wick is too short, the wax may not burn all the way to the edge of container (tunneling).

Always burn candles on a level, heat-resistant surface away from draughts to ensure an even burn pool and to prevent drowning out the wick.

We are committed to the quality of all our products. This includes the ingredients we select to create our candles. The natural properties of our ingredients may produce a frosted appearance on the top layer of wax and occasionally occurs when it re-solidifies between lightings. This is normal and will not affect the quality of the burn in any way.

To ensure your candles are kept in optimum condition, keep them out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark place. Alway use the original jar lid and box to keep debris off and preserve the wax and scent.

Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Always place away from children and pets.

Our decorative vessels are beautifully designed to be repurposed long after the candle is gone. Always allow the container to cool completely before cleaning. Please note, a hot container may crack when immediately exposed to cool water. Gently wash with soap and water to remove any remaining wax. We recommend carefully removing the wick base by hand with great care. Avoid using sharp object as it would scratch and damage the vessel.

Shipping, Delivery, and Pickup

Shipping will be calculated at checkout based on the items you order and weight of the items.

Local delivery is available to customers in Calgary within 25 km radius. Delivery charge of $10 applies. Please contact us to confirm the delivery time.

We currently cannot accommodate local pickup. However, we may have this possibility in future.

Wholesale and Stockist

Thank you for your interest in carrying MODESTA home fragrance lines. Simply complete this Form with your information and submit it to We will contact you upon the approval of the application.

Drop us a line

Feel free to send us your questions through Contact Us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.